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Maintenance Request Policy

In an effort to insure the effective response of our Maintenance team, the management has developed the following policy for responding to Work Orders:

1.) If you have a routine service request, please contact your rental office during normal office hours to inform the office of your request. At the time your request is taken, the office employee will ask for your permission to enter your apartment in your absence.

2.) If you do not give the maintenance staff the permission to enter your home in your absence, no appointments will be made. Maintenance will attempt to perform the service call when it comes up in normal rotation. If they cannot enter your apartment at that time, the request will be placed at the bottom of the rotation list and a second attempt will be made when your service request comes up again in normal rotation.

3.) If, after the second attempt to perform the service request, maintenance is still unable to enter your home due to the resident not being present, the request will continue to be placed in the rotation; however, any subsequent attempts will be charged to the resident at a standard fee of $15.00 per attempt.

4.) Maintenance will not enter an apartment if a loose pet is present. In a situation where a maintenance employee encounters a loose pet when trying to perform a maintenance service, the service request will be placed at the bottom of the rotation and the additional attempts will be performed as stated in paragraph 2. Any subsequent attempts after the first two will also result in a maintenance charge of $15.00 per attempt.

5.) Dates and times of the attempts will be carefully documented on the Service Request forms.

6.) If permission to enter is granted, the service request will be performed, whenever possible, when the service request comes up in the normal rotation.

After Hours Emergency Maintenance

Pembroke Commercial Realty offers a fantastic after hours maintenance program. If it is after 5:00 pm or on the weekends we encourage residents to call our after hours line for an emergency. Some examples include smoke detector not working properly, broken door or window that present a security problem, water leaks, sewer back ups, no heat, no air conditioning, no water, lock outs ($25 fee) and trapped animals in apartment. If it is a fire, a life threatening or medical emergency please call 911.

For after hours emergency service please call 757-671-3100. Please listen to the menu to select the correct property.